Wash Away the Day Bundle

This bundled array of floral infusion is the ultimate serenity for your skin. The Stone Crop Masque hydrates, heals, and pacifies hyper-pigmentation, clearing the way for the Wildflower Collection Cleansing Balm and Ultralight Oil to cleanse, purify, and lock in moisture and nutrients. Provide your skin the perfect provisions for a daily moment of zen.

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Wash Away the Day with a coalescence of the boundless skin care blessings found in this botanical bundle. The Stone Crop Masque is a gel-based hydrating treatment made from the pulp and juices of the stone crop, an amazing plant that provides a vast array of benefits for your skin. Not only does it help rejuvenate stressed or aging skin with its toning and moisturizing properties, it reduces pigmentation and lightens complexion, alleviating dark spots caused by over-secretion of melanin.

The Wildflower Cleansing Balm is an assortment of anti-oxidant rich wildflowers and poppy seed oil, flush with essential-fatty acids and bioflavonoids that detoxify your pores while reducing inflammation and irritation. It’s a gel balm that will transform into a potent but gentle cleansing oil that you can massage to your dry skin to remove makeup prior to the Stone Crop Masque treatment, and once again after, by emulsifying it in water to create a purifying milk to sooth and soak your face.

A perfect finishing touch. The Wildflower Ultralight Oil is a multi-purpose dry oil made from Primrose, Primula, and Echinacea, that absorbs completely into skin (and hair and nails), calming the skin and locking in moisture and nutrients to deliver a smooth satin finish to highlight a resplendent, youthful glow.